The Science Of Change – Basics Behind Why Change Succeeds and Fails

The Change Science Institute has published a book which is now available on Amazon titled – “The Science Of Change – Basics Behind Why Change Succeeds and Fails,” by Tom Somodi.

You can find it here.


In this book, you will learn the basic definitions, principles, and concepts necessary to help you or your organization truly understand change. You will learn why change succeeds and why change fails along with concepts and tools on how to dramatically increase your chances to obtain the desired change you are looking for.

There will be an opportunity to explore the change concepts of:

  • Environmental Override
  • Functionality Tradeoffs
  • Dominant Conditions
  • Change Dynamics
  • Environmental Dynamics
  • The Hierarchy Of Change
  • Repeatable Change

You will also have the opportunity to learn about tools for increasing your chances to obtain the change you desire such as:

  • Controllable and Uncontrollable Risk Analysis
  • The Concept Of Eliminate & Mitigate
  • Disconnect Analysis
  • Energy/Effort Hump Analysis
  • Concepts To Assist In The Selection Of A Process and Implementation

Finally, you will learn about how change is related to such subjects as:

  • How We Learn
  • Experience And Knowledge And The Roles They Play In Change
  • The Concept Of Time
  • The Concept Of Power
  • The Power Of The Human Mind
  • The Historical Progression Of Man & Society And The Standard Of Living We Enjoy Today