Provide C-Suite Innovative Concepts and Solutions Based Upon Firsthand Experience


Promote The Recognition and Advancement of Change As A Science

Tom Somodi is an author, speaker, and consultant on the subjects of change and innovative C-Suite management techniques applying his extensive business experience, including taking a company public that provided 9 times return to the initial public offering investors. Tom is author of the reference book on change – The Science of Change: Basics Behind Why Change Succeeds and Fails.

His executive management level experience includes domestic and international startups; reorganizations; acquisitions; and strategic change initiatives in technology, manufacturing, distribution, and service organizations. Tom has been a Certified Public Accountant, holds a Master of Science in Management, a BBA in Finance, and has significant public and private sector executive and board level experience including positions as chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, and chief strategy officer.

Tom’s industry experience is worldwide including, Canada, Mexico, numerous countries in Europe, Japan, Australia, China, the Caribbean, and Africa. His experience is also extremely diversified, ranging from leading edge technology products and services, high-growth high-tech green products and services, to traditional automotive and mainstream manufacturing, distribution, and service operations.

It has been Tom’s firsthand experiences that led him to a more scientific understanding of the basics of change and more importantly, the shortcomings of the guidance, tools, methodologies, and support available to C-Suite level executives. He believes it is these shortcomings that have led to a long history of unacceptable C-Suite failure rates, high C-Suite turnover, and unnecessary lack of organizational performance.

That is why Tom Somodi is committed to using this firsthand knowledge to provide a new set of alternative insights and concepts, along with innovative tools and methodologies, to C-Suite executives.