Research indicates that critical change initiatives fail anywhere between 35% to as high as 75% of the time.

Failure rates have shown no signs of improvement in the last 20 years.

It is time to boost the ability of your members or employees to address the challenges associated with obtaining successful critical change.

Change Science Institute has developed seminars and speaking presentations that will provide a revolutionary understanding of change based upon new and innovative scientific principles and tools.

It is time to discover new capabilities to obtain vital change through seminars and speaking presentations that include:

  • Change Science Revolution – A discussion about why change is a science. Learn how this new science is the basis of a “revolution” to stop the continual use of change methodologies and strategies that, in reality, have a historically unacceptable high rate of failure.
  • Hidden Pitfalls To Successful Change That Are Right In Front of You – This discussion covers how change science can help individuals and organizations recognize and address pitfalls associated with obtaining successful change that are often missed in today’s world of change initiative execution.
  • You Cannot Use What Doesn’t Exist – Here, we discuss the science behind successful and unsuccessful change. We also provide guidance on how this new science can be utilized to avoid common challenges that exist when attempting to obtain desired change.
  • You Cannot Have Successful Change If You Make the Wrong Selection To Begin With – A discussion about how change science can provide new concepts and tools that will enhance the ability to select a change strategy or methodology with the highest potential for accomplishing a successful change.
  • The Power of Anxiety In Obtaining Successful Change – This discussion is about the relationship between anxiety and change. Additionally, find out how, contrary to popular belief, anxiety can actually be used as a tool to improve the ability to obtain successful change.
  • New Perspectives on Risk Management – Learn about risk from a change science perspective and how this new perspective can provide innovative concepts and tools to help analyze, manage, control and eliminate the risk associated with a critical change initiative.
  • Breaking Free From Organizational Constraints – Find out how change science provides an expanded understanding about the interrelationship between organization structure and change, along with, revolutionary concepts on how to create an organization structure to greatly enhance the ability to consistently and reliably obtain critical change.
  • Request For Proposal: Friend or Foe – A discussion about how change science can help us understand the positives and negatives associated with the use of a request for proposal. In addition, we’ll cover concepts and tools to help avoid the negative consequences that can exist relative to a major change initiative.

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