For The Media

The Change Science Institute can contribute reference material and/or expertise on the subject of change for a particular media project, publication or article.

The Change Science Institute can support organizations or individuals requiring information and/or guidance on the subject of change. This support can include:

  • Providing a particular expert point of view on the change associated with a particular subject matter
  • Providing subject matter regarding the change that exists in business, government and as it relates to us as individuals
  • Providing articles or other materials for reproduction

In addition, given that the subject of change has a relationship to everything that is taking place around us, the Change Science Institute is well positioned to provide expert input and guidance on a countless number of subjects and areas of interest including:

  • Challenges faced by individuals, businesses and governments attempting to understand why a specific change succeeded or failed
  • Challenges faced by individuals and organizations when dealing with the selection, management and execution of a process or methodology they are attempting to use to obtain a desired change
  • Challenges faced by individuals and organizations in such areas as:
    • health-related issues (for example, nutrition and dieting)
    • care for the elderly in the family or society
    • the education of our children
    • issues associated with employment or an individual’s career
    • educational reform
    • health reform
    • governmental reform
    • social reform
    • legal reform
    • political reform