Tom Somodi Discusses a Shift at Google’s Helm on

October 30, 2014

In his latest article for, Tom Somodi of Change Science Institute reports on A Shift at Google’s Helm Might Not Be Enough To Deliver Exponential Growth. Read the article below. Google’s recent announcement anointing Sundar Pichai as new product czar highlights what many a CEO of organizations large and small often worry about: Will my current […]


The Leslie Marshall Show Interviews Tom Somodi

October 28, 2014

Leslie Marshall of The Leslie Marshall Show chats with Tom Somodi of Change Science Institute about the mass hysteria surrounding the Ebola outbreak, CDC procedures, the risk factors relevant to the execution of those procedures and more. Listen Now


4 Steps to Conquer Strategic Change

June 17, 2014

An Organizational Structure That Works For Change Many, if not most people, would argue that the ability for an organization to change over time is critical to that organization’s long-term survival. To this end, the literature is full of theories, methodologies, recommendations and analysis on how an organization should be structured in order to maximize […]